British punk-folk group Skinny Lister return this year with forthcoming new album A Matter Of Life & Love. The band formed in London, in 2009, starting out as a five-piece before adding a drummer to the ranks. Lead single “Damn The Amsterdam” offers, as always with Skinny Lister, something out of the ordinary. “It was great to return to out shanty roots,” they say, “and strip things right back to the bare bones.”

The Longest Johns lend harmonies to this tale concerning the famous #Hastings shipwreck.' Bare bones this is, but “Damn The Amsterdam” is as powerful and visceral as you could wish for. A simple, thudding drum and rattling tambourine provide the only percussion needed. The vocals are top class, alternately rasping, snarling and absolutely beautiful. Skinny Lister need nothing more to conjure up compelling, fascinating music. Highly recommended.