“As a songwriter,” says London-based Alan Dweck, “ I try to embrace the philosophy that the greatest music from each era was built on the shoulders of the past.” It's an admirable sentiment from an intriguing artist, who has a colourful past himself, having lived all over the globe, from France to Australia and Hong Kong. “Before” serves as a lead single to a forthcoming new album (as with many musicians, Dweck's plans have been significantly hampered during recent times).

The song sets out with a blues-based progressive feel which may remind you of Pink Floyd. A melody full of pathos flits and flitters around the slow-grooving rhythm. Dweck's guitar circles and dives, sparkling at the edges. There's a languid, dreamy feel to this cut, which flows through its five-minute run-time without ever seeming to drag. There's enough invention to keep things feeling fresh and the chorus is a definite hook. Vocally, Dweck is adept at communicating earnest emotion. “Before I climb the mountain, before I swim the sea, before I try to change the world, I've got to find a place for me.” For all its sonic richness, “Before” is a track full of space, inviting the listener to dive into Dweck's musical world. It's a journey worth the taking.