Adding to a long and illustrious line of music recorded under a DIY ethos, indie rockers Seven Purple Tigers work out of a self-constructed studio situated in a “lovingly repurposed defunct restaurant of an inn.” The trans-Atlantic duo of Austin Horn (singer/rhythm guitar) and Phil Dyszy (lead guitar/backing vocals) hail from the US and Germany respectively. They bonded over a shared love of music “in the vibrant basement bars and clubs of the Old Town of Kraków, Poland.” The wonderfully-titled “Ignorance Is Blitz,” in their own words, “is a reflection on a relationship that failed from both parties coming into it as a cure for loneliness, but finding that neither was the right person for the other.”

It's a well-worn theme, but Seven Purple Tigers tackle it with no little verve and originality. The track bounces along with some sparkling guitar playing, driving bass and swinging drums. You'll hear an intriguing mix of styles here which can be hard to pin down. There's an enjoyable Brit-pop in-your-face energy, but also a protean spirit which harks back to the 60s. Horn's voice is deep and full of pathos, yet stripped of any self-indulgent tendencies. This is a song which ripples with a joyous energy that belies its subject matter. There are more than enough hooks to charm their way into your mind, and Seven Purple Tigers display a wit and invention which rewards repeated listens.