It’s been almost two years since we last saw any live music. We’re full of nervous energy and​ excitement as we approach the gates for this gig.
This is not your average venue. The Yard is set within the grounds of a waste recycling facility. Two massive forklifts artistically positioned opposite each other above a huge “Welcome To The Yard” remind us of this as we walk in.

This is a unique environment in terms of a live music arena and we’ve got to say a stroke of genius. The arena is massive, set on a clean concrete floor in front of a big stage. The place usually has a capacity of 1000 but in these only just post covid restriction times this is temporarily reduced to less than half.

It's more of a mini festival here today than just a gig, six bands to play, kicking off with Bristol's Mother Vulture, and Wow, what a start. These guys are young, frenetic, full of energy, confidence, and some huge riffs. The 3 piece played with such ferocity and depth that we thought they lacked a bassist through choice, but we found out later Covid kept him away. We can only imagine how awesome they will sound with the extra man on stage. Influences at play are as wide ranging as Led Zeppelin, White Stripes, AD/DC and Placebo. Georgi’s vocal range is huge and Brodie is like a hurricane let loose on the stage with his guitar. These guys have what it takes. Look out for them!

Up next are another bunch of relative newcomers that have only been around for a few years, and have clearly been hungry to get back on stage. White Raven Down play their blend of hard rock and metal with power and precision and are extremely tight. Guitarist Stu makes his presence and his huge riffs stand out even further as he positions himself on the concrete security barrier to get closer to those craving the metal. Songs from their debut EP Conspiracy are fiercely banged out and prove that these guys have what it takes to take the metal genre to the next generation.

Raging Speedhorn are a band that this reviewer has somehow never seen live before. I wasn’t quite ready for what was unleashed. Two guitarists, two vocalists, a drummer and a bassist squeeze on the stage and let loose a torrent of the heaviest, darkest metal of the day. The near instant mosh pit is enough to show the crowd’s glee. The whole band play with such a velocity it’s hard to keep still so I have to enter the pit for a taste of the action, I almost forgot how good that feels! Good natured all round, guys are helped as soon as they take a tumble. New co-vocalist Dan Cook really whips up the crowd to a frenzy with a superb performance and is clearly a great addition to the band. He really demands to be the focal point and is completely engaging as his contagious intensity feeds us. The atmosphere is electric after these guys finish what has been a ferociously outstanding set.

Massive Wagons bring the pace back a few revolutions with some good time rock n roll. Like all the bands that have played today, the enforced break from playing live seems to have brought extra energy and enthusiasm to their live performance. Easy on the ear and with some great catchy tunes and front man Baz Mills’ rasping vocals and ever engaging performance. Massive Wagons really bring out the feelgood factor today.

Formed after the demise of Motorhead, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons comprises of Phil, (Lemmy's right hand man and guitarist of 30 years) and 3 of his sons on Drums, Guitar and Bass. Tonight they've drafted in Andrew Hunt of Buffalo Summer, as guest vocalist after Neil Starr's recent departure. The band raise a few smiles straight away as Phil walks on with his "Welsh Wanker" guitar strap. They kick off with a few of their own tracks which hold some decent weight, but it's when they ask "Do you want to hear some Motorhead?" that the crowd really erupt. They launch into Going To Brazil and the crowd go to mosh...... They play a few more Motorhead tracks including Killed By Death, and of Course Ace of Spades. Silver Machine even gets a run out. Andrew does a fine job on Vocals but lets face it, there's no replacement for Lemmy, he's missed by all of us here tonight.

"We are Orange Fucking Goblin Baby" Ben Ward bellows into the mic as the drums thunder behind him and the huge riff of Solarisphere cuts through the dark night air. Ben is a man mountain and his stage presence is quite something as he commands our attention as he clenches his fists and roars. This is the band we've been waiting for all day, and after some formidable support acts have pumped this crowd to the max we are all pummeled by the full on metal assault of classics like Made of Rats, The Ballad of Soloman Eagle and the colossal Saruman's Wish.

Some of us mosh, some pump fists and some just stand with a beer and take it all in. It's a captivating performance from all in Orange Gobllin tonight, Chris' powerful drums , Joe's insane guitar, Ben's towering vocals, all held together by the fantastic new bass player Harry Armstrong who completely kills it on his debut. Nobody here wants the set to end, but better way to finish than with the thundering Red Tide Rising.

Orange Goblin get the loudest roar of the day as they leave the stage knowing they have quenched the thirst of hundreds of people who have been chomping at the bit to get back into some live music action, performers and spectators alike. They leave us wanting more.

Cornwall has long been at the tail end of the gig circuit and it sometimes struggles to get acts to play. Route One Booking are seeking to change that and expect to put on more events like this in this awesome County. We've spoken to both locals and people who've travelled the length of the country to get here today, every one of them glad they made the effort. It has to be said, the atmosphere was electric, everyone seemed to have a new appreciation of freedom and fun and the entertainment on offer. Not a hint of bad feeling from anyone, it's been a truely great place to spend the day.

This has been a fantastic, well organised event, and one that you don't feel ripped off by in terms of the food and drink on offer (goddam they do a good burger!) There are existing bars and food places to nip through to throughout the day along with ample parking for cars and campervans. Route One Booking HQ is also on site.

Everyone walked away smiling today. Keep an eye on for future events at the Yard. We can't wait.