ilana Armida represents something of a new breed of pop star, having chosen to release her music through her own entertainment company rather than go down the traditional record-label route. iLana has previously written/produced/performed for/with the likes of Doja Cat, Common Kings, and Lil’ Dicky. “Summertime Love” marks her step into the solo spotlight. “I sing songs that incorporate multiple languages and genres,” she states, “so that people of all cultures and backgrounds and ethnicities can feel connected to the music.”

“Summertime Love” is a smooth, sunny offering of pop/R&B. iLana certainly possesses the vocal talent and writing nous necessary for a successful solo career. Whether putting out fast-flowing rhymes or slower, romantic passages, her delivery is fluid, warm and highly appealing. The song itself glides on a bed of soft synth and sparse percussion. There's a up-beat feel to match the title, bright and airy production and a honeyed, shimmering sonic palette. If you're a fan of the genre, you'll want to check this one out.