Fabulous Red Diesel are one of those larger-than-life bands whose creative energy spills out in many directions. The UK-based soul-jazz outfit have been accumulating fans with their imaginative live sets, which include elements of circus entertainment and theatrical performance. Kat Lee-Ryan (aka Ms Kitty) handles lead vocals, with husband Duke Boom on drums, Miss Bea-Have on double bass, tuba and trumpet and Rabbi Jaffa Delicious on guitar and trumpet.

Those names alone ought to give you a sense of the band's exuberant nature. That said, “Mama Josie Says” is a laid-back and smooth slice of jazzy soul/pop. Lee-Ryan’s vocals are sweet and alluring. The track unwinds on a soft bed of skipping drums, splashes of double-bass, sparkling keys and subtle guitars. There's a lush, Stax/MoTown vibe permeating this song, which takes its time and comes in under the radar.

Nothing ever outstays its welcome here. A pretty flute coda flutters like a bird. Keyboards dance and play. “Mama Jose Said” flows past, warm and charming. Fans of sophisticated vocal jazz will want to check this out.