“We believe that music should do more than just get stuck in your head — it should do something constructive while it's in there.” This mission statement from Bay Area / Twin Cities indie-rock group The Ampersands makes for an admirable philosophy. I'm pleased to say that 'The Pigeon,' the lead single from their forthcoming new album, ably lives up to that ambition,

The track sets out with some delightfully off-kilter drums and piano. “Got new desires, just dodging the tires,” sing the band. It's an arresting passage in itself. Before long, however, The Ampersands demonstrate a notable ability to leap seamlessly between styles, as 'The Pigeon' blossoms out into wonderful Beatles-esque chamber-pop, with crashing energy and no little charm. The journey isn't over, however, as the sonic landscape morphs again into a synth-driven, slap-bass number, which shuffles and dances with disco vibes.

The Ampersands will remind you of the effortless genre-hopping of The Super Furry Animals, the stylish experimentation of XTC and the melodic imagination of the great 60s bands. That's a lot to ask from one track, but 'The Pigeon' accomplishes it all with considerable panache.