I’ve been a fan of Matt Long for a few years now, both through his main band Catfish and seeing him performing in a number of cameo slots.
This album shows another side to Matt as he has made an album of real power and strength, a million miles away from the Blues-tinged music of Catfish but still extremely listenable to and really showcasing his talents both as a guitarist and as a songwriter.

The band consists of Matt Long with his Catfish band-mate Adam Pyke on bass and critically acclaimed ex-RavenEye drummer Kev Hickman on drums who brings a mammoth drum sound that sits perfectly alongside Pyke’s fluid bass lines. The two of them enable Long to release his music and the result is nothing less than awesome.

I love a three piece band, the focus and directed attention makes for great rock music and this one definitely fits the bill.

Throughout, Long plays heavy riffs that set him apart from most guitarists who aim for his level of heaviness but fall short. His solos are exquisite, hanging on the edge of Satriani-like guitar-wank but never straying over – he is always in control and keeps the playing within the confines of the music.

They are anything but one-paced. As single ‘Have My Say’ shows they can rip out a speed-riff like the best of them but ‘With My Own Eyes’ shows that they can play moody and intense as well.

The New Wave Of Classic Rock (NWCR) movement has thrown up some great bands recently and Matt Long & The Revenant Ones deserves to be up there with the best of them.

This album is one of the heaviest I’ve heard this year but they have a great touch as well – bloody awesome.