Well this was a welcome reminder of where todays NWCR actually comes from.

Duffy were a band who formed in London in 1971, Had a brief but lively career, putting out two albums and breaking up in 1973 after this album – their second – was woefully underpromoted by the record label. Since then ’Scruffy Duffy’ has been one of those albums sought after by people in the know and copies change hands for 3 figure sums.

‘Scruffy Duffy’ is actually a really good album. Listening to it now brings back memories of long hair, tight loon pants, strutting vocalists and hot and sweaty bars and college halls.
Their sound has elements of Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, even Zeppelin and Free and the quality of their playing is surprisingly good.

The band consisted of Stuart Reffold on vocals and harp, Barry Coote on guitars, Joe Nanson on keys, Paddy Sarjeant on bass and Will Wright on drums – none of them household names but together they do make a fine version of hard rock with progressive elements.

There are three or four standout numbers: ‘Joker’ which featured on Annie Nightingale’s Radio 1 show, a solid rock number with a great riff, ‘Changing My Ways’ is a powerful and melodic number with powerful organ and subtle percussion as well as a great vocal – very Humble Pie in form, ‘Banker’ really shows their Deep Purple influences.

It is a really good album and in todays world it stands up remarkably well.