Welsh Alt-Rock band Paisley Parc have just released their latest single ‘CD’, mustering the youthful rebellious energy of a rising garage band in a track that is equally mature and bold in its composition and delivery. The song is the first from a series of riff-driven new music, set to come out from the band later this year.

Paisley Parc have previously performed at the local Merthyr Rising 2019 festival, and have already grabbed the attention of TotalRock and BGFM Wales. Loud, gritty and unapologetic, Paisley Parc are not to be underestimated as they carve out their place to becoming one of the most highly anticipated bands emerging from Wales right now.
We caught up with Paisley Parc to find out more...

Hey Paisley Parc. How have you been?
We’ve been really busy writing songs, refining our set, and getting ready to get back on the road.

Why did you choose Paisley Parc as your band’s name?
Growing up we loved the fashion of the famous Paisley pattern and the word Parc spelled with a “c” is a subtle nod to our Welsh heritage as this is the Welsh spelling of the word.

Tell us everything about your new single ‘CD'.
‘CD’ is a restless alternative rock track driven by heavy guitar riffs and bouncy rhythm sections. It’s a song about being young, free, and everything that is on your mind when you are 17.

How would you describe your music style?
We’d describe our style as gritty, punchy, melodic and diverse.

When did you start writing music and performing?
We formed as a band in 2019 and immediately started writing many songs together. From the outset we put a massive emphasis on song-writing and we only perform original music. We started by playing local gigs which developed a hardcore following and this enabled us to start moving to bigger cities like Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol, Bath
and Redding. We were due to play in Camden town on the night that Lockdown was announced and so the rest is history.

Who are your musical inspirations?
Oasis, Kings of Leon, Stereophonics, Rage Against the Machine and Led Zeppelin.

What was the first album you purchased?
‘Definitely Maybe’

Which artists are you listening to right now?
Royal Blood, Foo Fighters, Wolf Mother, Florence Black and the Black Keys.

What does the rest of 2021 hold for you?

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