The first single from this album ‘This Is Who We Are Now’ is one of the hardest hitting pieces of rock I’ve heard in ages and the album it graces is similarly stunning. 9 tracks of Psych-tinged and blistering rock that takes the listener on a full-pelt sleighride.

Lead singer Lee-La Baum is a real throwback to the days of Janis/Grace/Sonja – she has a huge presence, a great voice and the sound of the band is built around her. Not that the rest of the band are mere supports either – Tom Shemer’s lead guitar is acid-etched power while PY Letellier (bass/vocals) and Dave Traina (drums/vocals) lay down a massive rhythm section with power and subtlety.

It almost feels as though these Montreal monsters have been laying in wait for an unsuspecting world to catch up to them but they have actually been working non-stop and touring across the USA & Europe with the likes of ZZ Top, Styx, Rival Sons among others. They’ve learned their craft in the tranches and this album definitely feels as though they’ve learned the lessons well.

They can do the sensitive stuff as well as the rock bluster: ‘Everything Fades’ is loaded with burning emotion and features a sweet acoustic solo before building to the inevitable impassioned endpart.

The album is a breath of fresh air at the moment – they rock like beasts but there is a more sensitive side to them as well. Production by Bob Rock (6 tracks) and Jean Massicote is superb, bringing out all the talents the band has and Vance Powell, Nick DiDia & Mike Plotnikoff mixed the album with real polish.

All told, a stunning rock album and one of the best this year.