Canadian alt-pop star VISSIA gears up to release one of the year’s most vibrant pop albums, With Pleasure. An impressive second full length from the DIY popstar, each track comes with a sense of intuition and playfulness as she observes everyday moments and turns them to gold.

True slices of fun-filled alt-pop perfection which frequently borrow from retro genres, such as Motown, soul, disco - but still sound utterly modern, With Pleasure is like a love letter to life itself, and all the complex emotions that come with it.

Standout track ‘The Cliffs’ is a celebration of the support to be found in your loved ones, watching as they take on a challenge with you by their side, as cheerleader and first port of call when searching for encouragement. Accompanied by a glorious music video which nods to the retro sun-soaked vibes of Lana Del Ray and the carefree melodies of Halsey or Hayley Kiyoko, this song and video is truly VISSIA’s crowning achievement in an album which astounds and surprises at every turn.

Dreaming neo-disco track ‘On My Mind’ is another highlight - a steamy and sultry track which details the moment you lock eyes with someone hot across a packed dance floor. There are elements of classic disco there, yes, but it’s more chilled out than what we’ve heard before, leaving VISSIA’s ethereal voice to sink effortlessly into the mix in an anti-anxiety anthem. It’s just the kind of songwriting she offers on this release - always inventive, always surprising, never what you’d expect.

Overall, it's impressive songwriting, lyricism bubbling with joy and youth. With Pleasure sounds like an artist arriving at where she’s supposed to be, diving into bubbly waters and emerging with a collection of pop-polished gems.

WITH PLEASURE is released on 30th April 2021. You can pre-order it here.

Watch the video for THE CLIFFS here.