‘Years of rubbing shoulders with music moguls proves priceless on Iain Hornal’s ‘Fly Away Home’ LP.’

10cc and ELO member Iain Hornal has written, performed and toured with top musical hierarchy throughout his career. Here, the talented multi instrumentalist and vocalist delivers a handsome collection of pure pop. Think melodies. Think ballads. Think harmonies. It’s all here.

Iain’s latest offering begins with ‘Wake Me Up, Drop Me Out’. Commencing acoustically, concluding electrically and packed with melody. The bar has been set.

‘How Much It Means’ turns the tempo south as an acoustic and a voice is all that’s necessary. Iain’s emotive tone and reflective lyrics make a great mix. This winning combination remains for ‘Let The Doves Fly’. A similar arrangement breathes similar results as I immediately listen again. A personal highlight thus far.

The guitar strings are rested as the piano keys take centre stage for ‘I Can’t Tell You’ and ‘Find A Home’. Tracks accentuating Iain’s diverse musical skills and expert craftsmanship.

‘Wherever you are is where you’re meant to be’. ‘Welcome To The World’ fuses deep and profound with light heart and wit as the lyrics resonate in my mind. ‘I hope you find love and I hope you find peace’. Amen to that.

The plectrums replaced by fingertips as Iain plucks us to ‘Fly Away Home’s conclusion with ‘Drop This Song’. A heartfelt acoustic number evocative of that Fab Four from Liverpool. The highest of compliments.

Iain Hornal’s ‘Fly Away Home’ is a thoroughly enjoyable forty minutes of archetypal pop. Exemplary recordings which rarely run longer than the three or four minutes they require. Iain isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel here. But he’s certainly keeping the wheel moving.

Fly Away Home (Released April 6th)

1. Wake Me Up, Drop Me Out
2. Fly Away Home
3. How Much It Means
4. Try A Little Love
5. The One To Blame
6. Let The Dove Fly
7. Everybody Else
8. I Can’t Tell You
9. Welcome To The World
10. Find A Home
11. Drop This Song