There’s a whole lot of music that falls into the dream-pop / chillwave / indie-pop world these days, but few tracks hit the emotional punch and cinematic beauty as REUNIØN’s new single ‘Before I Forget’.

REUNIØN are a 2 piece, comprised of producer Jon Green (James Bay, Aquilo, Linkin Park, Lady A) and producer Eliot James (Two Door Cinema Club, Noah & The Whale, Pêtr Aleksänder). Their friendship and musical connection began in 2015 while co-producing singer-songwriter Tor Miller, and in April 2020 resulted in the release of the debut REUNIØN single ‘Out In The Wild’ via Kin Records.

They have this week returned with the follow up to ‘Out In The Wild’. And while it’s an absolute delight on the eardrums, the story behind the track is what first attracted me to it. Telling the story of a loved one living with dementia, and looking at the emotional impact that such a disease carries (both for the individual and for those around them), the deeply personal and honest lyrics are perfectly matched to their cinematic sound, filled with hushed keys, and aching strings.

‘Before I Forget’ is simply wonderful, a sincere single which musically reminds me of Holocene-era Bon Iver. Yes! It's that good.