On ‘Love Is An Obstacle’, Jared Feinman highlights himself as one of the finest new singer-songwriters to appear in 2021 thus far.

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, the songwriter, pianist and singer’s debut displays a combination of lyrical vulnerability, perfect pitch, and expressive piano. Comprised of four musical clusters of like minded tracks, Jared explains that “Within these clusters, you will find various perspectives on the human condition, including some deeply personal and bold stories. And Herein lies an amalgamation of 'murder ballads,'--songs so intense and dramatic they can murder one to their core. These murder ballad anthems I’ve written––people who have really gone through something have needed them. I sense that.”

Have consistently released singles over the last 12 months, he has worked with musicians from all over the United States. One of highlights on the record for me is “(Let’s Sing For) Love and Be Free” which features Jared collaborating with a gospel choir. Not only a beautiful song, it also marked launched Jared's nonprofit endeavor the Love and Be Free Foundation. As a direct response to the (COVID-19) pandemic, the foundation provided relief by donating 100 percent of the song’s proceeds to Philly Music Fest’s micro-grant initiative which aided musicians and venue workers in Jared’s hometown of Philadelphia.

Other highlights include “All My Life” (a song that pines for what can’t be), the gently swelling recent single "Inside A Reverie", the powerful album opener “Butterflies and Blues”, and the intricate and earnest “New Life”.

Cinematic, tender and heartfelt, delivered through a mix of jazz, pop, and blues songwriting, ‘Love Is An Obstacle’ is an honestly beautiful record to spend your time in the company of.