This is the first single from Joanna Connor’s latest album – her 14th – released in February on Joe Bonamassa’s new label Keeping The Blues Alive. Bonamassa also co-produced the album with Josh Smith and they both play on the album as well.

As to the single, well it’s very much in the classic Chicago vein of hard-driving electric Blues and the way it explodes out of the speakers is up there with the best of the Chicago masters. Great slide guitar, hollered vocals, massive drums driving the whole thing along. It really is the kind of single I’d love to drive to except it would probably cost me my licence trying to keep up with the speed of her slide.

Frankly it’s the best single I’ve heard in many months

There is a lot of noise being made about this album and single and it really is easy to see why – the combination of Conner’s attitude and Bonamassa and Smith’s production talents gel brilliantly.