Jessica Lynn showcases her talents on the melancholic ‘It's Just Not Christmas’.

With Christmas tunes an artist can typically go one of two ways. Upbeat happy cheese extolling the virtues of the festive season or alternatively the downtrodden ode to longing, loss and heartache.

Country singer Lynn has chosen the latter approach to poignant effect. The song explores being part of a season all about togetherness, while suffering from the knowledge that Christmas has lost its sparkle without a departed loved one.

The lyrics discuss a painful ache that never quite fades. A hole that cannot be patched by the presents and trimmings of Christmas.

It will surely strike a nerve with anyone who was lost someone special. Given the current state of the Covid affected world, the song appears well timed to connect with those who have been cut off, if only temporarily from those that they hold dear.

The vocals are strong and bring out the ache of the sentiment. The voice of Steve Marks can also be heard on the track. The Gasoline & Matches band member provides excellent vocal support. The two mesh well on the track with Lynn taking the lead.

The backing track opens proceedings well with the steel guitar. It sounds great on the ear while clearly setting out a pining tone.

‘It's Just Not Christmas’ won’t be to everyone’s taste this Christmas, but sadly it’s all too relatable to many. Instrumentation is well done while the song’s lyrics wear their heart on their sleeve.