In general, there are a few types of album I shy away from – those where the artist is copying a ‘yoof’ trend, those where the artist is espousing fringe politics and Xmas albums (because the songs are usually jingly and fake cheery). This one though is something very different – yes they are Xmas songs but they are tracks by the roster of Gulf Coast Records and you get some stunning Blues and Rhythm & Blues along the way.
We are talking about tracks from Mike Zito, Albert Castiglia, Kat Riggins, Billy Price, Jimmy Carpenter, Sayer & Joyce, John Blues Boyd – the list goes on and even though there are a few tracks here that are just ‘Christmas only’ numbers there are a whole bunch that just need to be listened to at any time of the year.

You get a great version of Chuck Berry’s ‘Run Rudolph Run’ from Mike Zito and ‘Merry Christmas Baby’ from John Blues Boyd and one of my real favourites ‘Who Da Baby Daddy’ by LeRoux – the nativity in New Orleans! Kat Riggins version of ‘It Ain’t Christmas’ is powerful and so full of gospel tinged soul that you simply can’t ignore it.

As you would expect from Gulf Coast, just about every side of Blues/Soul/R&B/Funk is covered and there isn’t a single unlistenable track on it.

If you like to listen to Xmas albums then this one is special and if you like to listen to Blues then its special too.