Rising indie band Two Weeks In Nashville are gearing up to release new single ‘Homeward Bound’ on 30.10.2020, a single taken from the band’s hotly awaited forthcoming debut album ‘PAPER PLANES AND RAZOR BLADES’.

‘Homeward Bound’ has been cited in early industry feedback as an anthem of our time. With previous support from the likes of BBC Introducing, MTV, Headliner, Record of the Day and Absolute the bands new track is perfectly placed to dominate airplay charts. ‘Homeward Bound’ showcases the band's signature rock sound entwined with flawless vocals from lead singer Billy LeRiff.

The band's work ethic is second to none and they embody a rawness coupled with their dynamism and attitude that sets them apart from their counterparts. Inspired by The Who, The Stones and U2, Two Weeks In Nashville draw on old school music inspirations whilst injecting their own modern twist, giving the rock genre something fresh, real and unrivalled. Music news caught up with the band to find out more...

What is the new single ‘Homeward Bound’ about?

Hey Music News, it’s a pleasure! The new tune, ‘Homeward Bound’ was actually written on the last day of our first trip to Nashville and we had the pleasure of meeting and working with Mark Hadfield. It’s about appreciating the important things in life. I think the fact we were heading back home the next day, the chords and melody just spoke that feeling of returning home to loved ones. We all shared the same feeling and we were on such buzz at the time too that life really couldn’t get much better!

Is it a good reflection of what we can expect from the album ‘Paper Planes and Razor Blades?

Yes it’s definitely a side to the rollercoaster ride of the record. It’s the last song on the album and closes of the journey and story. We wanted to write a positive and uplifting record to bring people out of these gloomy times. We were experiencing new things whilst being in Nashville and it’s a reflection of hope and a fresh start.

An interesting title, where did the inspiration come from?

We knew this was the only contender and perfect name for the album after writing it. It just summed up the rollercoaster ride we’d been on for the last few years; the journey through love, hate, depression, hope and back again!

How did you link up with Grammy award winning producer Mark Hadfield?

It was pretty unexpected actually! He happened to be in Nashville at the same time as us, and after a few beers on the last day of our trip we decided to have a crack at writing a tune. Mark had learnt two new chords the night before in his hotel room and as soon as he played us his new findings we all felt the same emotion and Homeward Bound happened! Mark’s a wicked guy, super down to earth and easy to work with; although I do remember him shifting the key of the song up a tone to really push my vocals, which I’ll bloody get him for one day!

How was the recording process?

The recording process was very exciting for us. We were lucky enough to travel to Nashville for two weeks and work in Sound Kitchen Studios with Kyle Hershman and producer Brian Harris. It really opened our eyes and ears to another world whilst recording out there. The days were long and being under Brian’s control was pretty daunting at times given his wealth of experience and background in production working with some of our favourite artists. But it was great fun and a new way of recording for us as it was all live in one room. It actually made things more comfortable as we could pour our live performance energy into the tracks and Brian wanted that raw 60s/70s sound; mistakes and all!

As a band do you prefer the studio or the stage?

Corrr… that’s a tough one! The studio is a comfortable place, it’s been a great and exciting experience for us in Nashville having the freedom to experiment with sounds and explore our imaginations in terms of creativity. However, we’ve always been a live band and always will be; there’s something about playing your music to new faces in new places that never gets old. Performing music was what essentially brought us all together and made us start writing, so it’d have to be the stage! Just the feeling and buzz it gives you; there’s nothing quite like it!

With recent events having halted live music, how are you crafting your live return?

As we have been fortunate enough to have been living together throughout lockdown, we’ve been rehearsing and putting on live stream shows once a month to keep performing and trying to reach out to new people! It’s been a learning curve, but we’re now just excited to get back to venues and playing to new faces. We had a surreal first show back in Bournemouth at Madding Crowd supporting The Hoosiers in October and really felt like a breath of fresh air! We want the shows to be a crazy experience when they finally happen again!

When can we next expect to see you in the UK?

We have a show supporting The Touch in London at The Black Heart on 11th November that we can’t wait for! We’re really hoping this is the start of live opening up and we can put some plans in place for a few more shows before the end of the year and into next year! At last!

Who are your heroes in music?

Our heroes in music are the artists that inspire us the most. We love risk takers, being different and entertaining personalities. They’d have to be The Stones, The Beatles, The Who, Chili Peppers, U2 and Coldplay, to name a few!

Anything else you’d like to say to Music News readers?

You’re all legends and we hope to play to you in the near future! Thank you for reading and the support x

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