Having come across the beautiful sounds of Samana after hearing their latest single played by Elbow frontman Guy Garvey on his BBC 6Music show, I was excited to see that they had a new EP called ’The Spirit Moving’ coming out this week.

The Wales-based duo self-produced, recorded and mixed the whole EP whilst holed-up in a remote part of France while the world was locked down earlier in the year. The results of their hard work are fabulous.

The first thing that hits you are the incredible vocals of Rebecca Rose. It’s a voice whose hushed, sultry tone and effortless delivery that will stop you in your tracks. And it’s also a voice that floats perfectly over the hazy, delicate sound of Samana. Opener ‘Passing Me By’ fits perfectly into the ‘dreampop’ world, with gently strummed guitars, Fleetwood Mac / Albatross-esque echoing guitar lines and delicate drums which dance delicately around your ear drums. Latest single ’The Glory Of God’ follows suit, all be it with a slight americana twang to the guitars, and EP closer ’The Spirit Moving’ sounds like to could be taken from the soundtrack of a Quentin Tarantino film, riding a deep groove and filled with a devious air of suspense.

Call it experimental. Call it art rock. Call it alt-folk. Call it dreampop. Just make sure you call it beautifully made and deliciously moorish .