‘Bandwagon delivers an expertly crafted collection of songs with countless melodies and hook’s at it’s core’.

Singer songwriter Paul Canning entwines his musical background with his innate talent on his latest offering, ‘Bandwagon’. From portraying John Lennon in the West End’s ‘Let It Be’ production to touring with 10cc, Paul’s CV speaks for itself. He’s been taught by the best.

‘Get Up Good’ blends crunching power chords with a delicate keyboard riff. A thumping drum loop concludes the middle eight as Bandwagon begins with a bang.

The tempo slows for the LP’s title track, as Paul sings ‘I don’t mean to brag without humility’. Bandwagon is littered with proficient lyrics epitomised on the beautiful ballad ‘Together’, in which Paul sings about being ‘A rumour that is real’ and a ‘Date without a time’. In addition, ‘Together’ exposes Paul’s vocal at its pinnacle as he weaves in and out of falsetto with apparent ease. It’s anything but.

‘Long Time Gone’ is a personal favourite on first, second, third, fourth and fifth listen...A sublime piece of music driven by an almost funk like bass line which would not feel out of place on a Chic record. It’s that good. A foot tapper for sure, I tap away. Losing time as I go.

Paul is joined by music royalty on ‘The Loud Room (I Hear You)’ as he duets with 10cc’s Graham Gouldman. A gorgeous, melodic piece of songwriting with haunting harmonies to crown the achievement.

The faultless balance of production throughout Bandwagon makes it easy on the ears. A gratifying listen. A genuine sense of enjoyment and rejoice is felt through my headphones as I listen on. Particularly amongst the faster tempo tracks. Paul and his band are having a blast. Lockdown has not been all doom and gloom.

Notably, lead guitar licks crop up all over Bandwagon. Jo Webb of ELO is primarily responsible for the the soothing vibrato which sounds throughout.

‘Under The Radar’, is a brief anecdote of how to successfully ‘play away from home’. Here, Paul paints a vivid picture with canny lyrics expressed in a light hearted, humorous manner - ‘Always pay cash at the hotel’. Sound advice.

With its guitar driven chorus and melody to go, ‘Love Came At The Right Time’ is a radio’s delight. Surely a front runner for the album’s lead single.

‘The Upside’ brings Bandwagon to a halt. Which in itself is the album’s only downside. No, not the track in question. Purely the conclusion. It’s a belter to finish. Think enormous drum sounds with a jangly guitar riff almost reminiscent of ‘The Cure’. Add a few synthesisers and mix in Paul’s effortless vocal. Now that’s a recipe.

Bandwagon is an utter triumph. Furthermore, it’s concrete evidence that 2020 has not all been bad news.

So take off your face mask. Sing along.

Stream ‘Bandwagon’ on Spotify and Apple Music from Monday 26th October.

Bandwagon Tracklisting

Get Up Good
The Loud Room (I Hear You)
Oh Wendy
Long Time Gone
Under The Radar
World’s Greatest Piece Of Work
Love Came At The Right Time
Until The Next Time
The Upside