The Music News team always loves a good cover song, and recently we were introduced to singer/songwriter Mary Ann Redmond and her beautiful cover of the legendary song "True Colors" first made famous by Cyndi Lauper. We sat down with Mary Ann to learn more behind the artist and the song:

Where did you grow up and how old were you when you started playing music?
I grew up in Richmond Virginia. I started singing with my brothers’ band when I was 15. One of my 1st gigs was at Fort Lee Officers Club in Petersburg, Va. We loaded in and waited for the Korean ladies to finish their exotic dancing in their thongs and pasties and packing up their makeshift runways before we could load in our gear and then play for the horny officers.

What instruments do you play?
Guitar and keys.

How would you define your sound?
I’ve been told I sound like Tom Jones and look like Whoopie Goldberg. Not the best combo for a singing career. It was either music or KFC. So music it was. Actually back when I got signed to Motown for a developmental deal with Steve McKeever, I was told by some producer, I sounded like a female Michael Bolton. I’ve also on been told I sound like Patti Cathcart from Tuck and Patty and Rachelle Ferrell from Rachelle Ferrell.

We love your cover of 'True Colors.' What inspired you to record this?
Honestly, I knew it had been covered to pieces. We were looking for new material, and my guitarist Dan Leonard came up with the brilliant idea of doing it in three. He then added minor chords and just put together an amazing arrangement. My friend Ruthie Ellis did the visuals for the video. She’s so incredibly talented and on the same page as me as far as inclusion of all people.

How did you decide the production/sound you wanted to go with for 'True Colors'?
That was all Dan Leonard. He’s friggin’ brilliant and the nicest person you’ll ever meet, but still a crazy, virtuoustic talent. I was lucky enough to work with him before Covid hit. I miss the guys that I worked with every Sunday. Scott Ambush played bass at my silly little hundred dollar a man gig at the Harp n Fiddle in Bethesda. He normally plays with Spyro Gyra on the road. My drummer, Deren Blessman, who is the backbone and wields a thick ass groove and an even wider smile that keeps the whole band feeling like they’re at church. And I’m not even religious.

What other artists do you listen to these days?
I’m so proud of Chelsea Lee/ Shaed I could pop. I was her vocal coach for a couple years before she knocked Billie Eilish out of 1st Alternative POP song, with their hit Trampoline. I listen to all her music and they just dropped a new single. I can’t wait to see what new amazing feats they accomplish in the years and decades to come!!

What's coming up next for you? Any original song releases?
Yes. Be Mine is in a video production for an animation feature. And Want Me will be released soon as well. The new EP produced by Kit and Chip at Alpine Red Studio has given my music a slant I’ve never had before. I’m really excited about the sound.

How can we find you online?
Or look up all my crazy front yard foxes, bucks, skunk, raccoons, crows, and even a groundhog named Dulcinea on Instagram @MaryAnnRedmond. Hollah at your sistah. 🙏🏼☮️