Swedish trio, Hey Elbow recently dropped their latest studio album ‘We Three’, via Adrian Recordings. Best described as alternative/indie with hints of pop, Hey Elbow have been compared to fellow Scandinavians, The Knife and Little Dragon. Julia Ringdahl (vocals/guitar), Ellen Petersson (horns/electronics), and Liam Amner (drums) make up the dynamic trio. Their multi layered tracks range from synth-based instrumentals to beautifully haunting melodies with echoey lyrics. The varying sounds makes them entertaining and give us a hint at their potential.

‘Missit’ and ‘Nurture/Aptitude’ were released earlier this year and earned the band thousands of downloads. ‘Nurture/Aptitude’ was a solid album favourite for me with its catchy beat and enchanting vibe. The self- produced album highlights a few gems including ‘Layers’ and ‘Lifehack’. “Layers’ was profound in its simplicity, yet I struggled to get into some tracks such as ‘Vignette’. Although I enjoyed ‘Fill Holes With Hope,’ it lost me midway as it felt more like noise.

Speaking about their dynamic and process, the band had this to say. “The songs were written during plain solitude in a cabin in the countryside of southern Sweden, where we spent days just writing songs together and playing. We did everything there together, didn’t bring anything in, every single tone is written in that house with us three in the same room. It also reflects us as a band where we don’t have any front person or band leader. We are We Three.”

Overall, ‘We Three’ is well-written and the album ends well with ‘Drainit’. The final song of the album is well crafted and highlights the talent of the trio. Thanks to Covid, touring feels like a distant memory but like many bands, Hey Elbow look forward to being in front of their fans again.