An inspiring figure who has helped others as well as overcome domestic abuse and his own mental difficulties, JayQ is now a hugely successful recording artist placing in both the official UK and US charts, getting number 1 in the iTunes and Music Week charts as well as appearing on MTV among others.

Music News got in touch to find out more.

Hi JayQ, you have been on an amazing journey from abuse as a child / mental health issues, becoming a marine then a civil rights lawyer, working with children suffering the same experiences and now chart success. How have you been able to be so strong and be so successful after such a traumatic start?

My resilience comes from music and hope. I used my writing to guide me to a place of safety in my mind while hoping for better days. Those days are here and now.

What is it about afrobeat that you love so much?

Afrobeat comes from the earth, it is the sound of the wind, trees, water and thunder. Afrobeat connects us all it is the original music made by life on earth. Just put a heat beat on a scale and you will see.

Your single ‘Amazing Girl’ was a chart success in both the US and UK, what was the inspiration behind that song?

Women world-wide are the instrument of nature and the protectors of baby boys. We owe them the respect to honor their amazing nature and power. I am inspired by the women in my life who carried the world on their shoulders and still had time to nurture, lead and inspire me. I am talking about, mothers, teacher, professionals and leaders worldwide.

You wrote the song with Grammy winners Joelle James, 1500 or Nothin, and Jazze Pha. What can we expect from you next?

I wrote songs with the talented producers you mentioned. More deeply moving and feel good songs are coming in 2021 to make you dance and feel positive about life. A Movie I co-wrote with Miriam Bavly (Breakout Music CEO) called, The App That Stole Christmas, was just picked up by a major network in the U.S., so it will be broadcasted to over 50 million homes this Christmas holiday season.

Who are your musical influences and how have they helped you on your journey?

I love the subtle and minimalist confidence of SADE. I hope to do a song with her.
I am influenced by the immortal spirituality and patience of Bob Marley (his son Rohan Marley is a personal friend of mine).
I like the boldness of Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish they are both Amazing Girls who rock the world.

Is New Orleans still the creative hub it always was?

The heat of New Orleans is food the lungs are music. It is the place that Blues Music, Jazz and the Reggae Beat was perfected right down to the street level. It will always be a low cost of living, festive creative hub.

Are you still practicing law while captivating the musical world?

The only law I do is free advice when asked and with my label Breakout Music. I was on the front line fighting for human and civil rights in court when the world was not watching a few years ago. I am happy to be in the limelight spreading love and the feel good.

What is your advice to children or indeed adults that have or are suffering abuse?

Hope for a better day, develop your talents and gifts. Run away as soon as you can to yourself.

For someone who hasn’t come across you yet what three tracks should they check out by you?

1) Body Talk watch video.

2) It Could Be You Holiday Feeling watch video.

3) Holiday Feeling watch video.

Anything else to say to Music News readers?

Better days are ahead of us. We must protect each other, and our planet. Aliens exist, they see us as one race #Human.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

JayQ The Legend