Screaming Orphans hail from Ireland and the sisters that make up the band have been hugely successful over the last few years,

The album was recorded during the Spring lockdown in County Donegal in a home studio with very little in the way of equipment and the resulting album has a gorgeous sense of family about it with all four of the Diver sisters providing the playing and vocals – some of the harmonies are breathtaking.

The album is indubitably Irish both in tone and in it’s presentation as a modern indie form of the Ceili Band that marked their parents music and the sounds they grew up with.
I would have to describe the music as ‘Gentle’ with a light sense of humour. They are clearly passionate but this isn’t music burning with indignation or anger.

I found it very difficult to pick out any individual tracks as the album really should be viewed as a whole but ‘John The Shepherd Sel’ is a gorgeous instrumental featuring both fiddle and pipe and is danceable as heck and their version of ‘Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier’ is loaded with pathos and the wistful longing for a lost love and they seem to combine all the different strands in ‘Heiland Harry’.

A very easy album to listen to as pretty background but concentrate and there is a wealth of very good music in Screaming Orphans.
Simply lovely