Ever since its creation nearly 60 years ago, ‘Bossa Nova’ has been celebrated as a lyrical fusion of American Jazz and Brazilian samba. Continuing that celebration, recording artist Zoe Scott has swapped her Los Angeles rock sound for the Bossa Nova rhythms with ‘Quiet Nights’, the first single from ‘Shades Of Love’ her debut Bossa Nova record.

The track was penned by Antonio Carlos Jobim who is regarded as one of the genre’s innovator s and tells the story of the magic of two souls who a brought together through their love and want to be together forever.

The breezy music has this stripped back feel with Torcuato Mariano (Acoustic Guitar), Paulo Calasans (Fender Rhodes), Andre Vasconcelos (Bass), Felipe Alves (Drums) and even Daniel Jobim (the songwriter’s grandson) on Acoustic Piano. These talented individuals have come together to create a beautiful piece of music which is full of pure emotion.

Scott had deliberately chosen songs that she felt explained the different shades of love that she had personally experienced in her life and with producer Moogie Canazio helping to bring that personal feeling to the surface. Her voice is genuine and at the forefront of the recording and it sounds like she has truly embraced Bossa Nova in a way which is respectful whilst at the same time having her own unique stamp of originality.

Overall, ‘Quiet Nights’ is the perfect introduction to Zoe Scott and ‘Shades Of Love’ as it is easy on the ear and her voice is an absolute delight – it will be great to hear more material from her in the coming months.