About 13 or 14 years ago Nell Bryden appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. She had been singing the NY clubs but couldn’t secure a recording contract so – with the help of a donation of an art piece found in the loft from her parents – took the chance of a self-financed recording.
And so she appeared and won over a huge number of fans here, across Europe and in NY.

This collection is of her singles over that 13 year period – 21 including a new track ‘These Changes’ – and all of the previous 20 had received radio airplay.

As a collection it is really rather fine. She has a beautiful voice, female tenor with a lovely whispery quality to it and she can turn her hand as easily to soul, folk or even gospel. She also does melodic rock rather well but the one thing that is there, no matter what she is singing, is a sense of deep emotion and heart – this lady sings from where she exists.

One of the things that has set her aside from ‘the rest’ is the confidence in her voice; she delivers all her material with real heart and positivity and really brings the listener into the song.

Personal favourites here are a breathtaking ‘Glory To The Day (Helen’s Requiem)’ which will have the hardest heart fluttering and ‘Sirens’ – either the gorgeous original or the full orchestral version (both are here) – as well as ‘Buildings & Treetops’ which has long been a favourite track. The new single is a delight as well.

All told, Nell Bryden is one of the best female singers and songwriters around and this collection is essential for anyone who loves the genre.