Oz’s debut track ‘Money’ immediately established the newcomer as a beguiling alt-pop talent. It resulted in placement on high profile playlists including Spotify’s New Music Friday UK, Deezer’s Fresh Pop and Amazon’s Breakthrough UK.

Oz now shares her follow-up ‘Murder’, a provocative title for a larger-than-life force of personality. In contrast to the headstrong ‘Money’, the new single is more reflective as it uncompromisingly examines a snapshot from her past. Music News caught up with OZ to find out more...

What else can we expect from your debut EP?

Murder is a song about that moment you finally realise that the person you were with was bad for you. When you take off the rose tinted glasses and see your past for what it was.

I think on this ep you’ll find lots of different guitar sounds. Music to stomp down the high street to.

How would you sum up your musical style?

I think it’s quite eclectic. It doesn’t really fit into one box. I like to think there’s something for everyone in what I do.

What is your song-writing process?

I normally go into the studio with a bunch of lyrics and then we mess around with sounds until we make something we like ! It’s very organic and natural and I just like to make sure everyone in the room is having fun!

Do you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve?

I think as long as I go into the studio and make music that people can get behind I’m achieving what I want. I want people to have a good time listening to my music and I want to have a good time making it.

Who are your heroes in music?

I’ve always loved strong females who know how to tell a story. Whether that be Dolly Parton or Gwen Stefani to Mary J Blige to Lauren Hill I’m inspired by tough strong women in music. I’m surrounded by them on my team. My manager is female and she’s definitely a hero, so in all walks of the industry I find strong women really inspiring.

When were you first bitten by the musical bug?

From an early age I have always loved music. My dad is a huge music fan so we always had music in the house so I’m pretty sure I came out the womb loving music.

Away from music what do you like doing?

I love tattoos and the artwork and craft behind them so I’m very into that. I love going to conventions and seeing artists from all over the world. I’m also a big foodie. Growing up in a restaurant in my early years I love cooking and going out to eat all different types of food. Croydon was such a melting pot of cultures I always got to experience food from all over the world in one place.

For someone that hasn’t come across you yet what three songs would you say check these out they sum me up?

I think money is the perfect introduction to me and my sound. Murder shows a softer more reflective side and Jupiter is definitely a stomper of track.

Any message for Music News VIEWERS out there?

Just to have a listen. Enjoy discover new artists and older music. Support your local scene and artists especially in this climate and buy merch haha !