For Drew Green, a country singer and songwriter who used to play Nashville’s honky-tonks, life could be pretty quiet right now since the famous music bars have closed because of Covid-19.

Instead, he’s busy embracing the start of a new life as an artist in his own right, after signing with Sony Nashville in early June.

Recent release ‘Right Where I Be’ comes with a music video featuring ‘The Bachelor’ star Danielle Maltby.
“When we started writing it, what I had visioned in my head, was sitting in the tailgate with a girl,” Drew said. “The creek bed we used, when I showed up to shoot the video, I was blown away. It was literally what I had in my mind when I was writing the song. That was a great experience.”

Drew saw one of his co-writes, ‘Colorado’, feature on the last Florida Georgia Line album. He’s still ‘writing like crazy’ in lockdown. “I’ve been getting used to writing on Zoom,” Drew said. “It’s been a little different, but it’s been good.

“Before the artist stuff, I was writing every day, because that was all I was focused on. Now I’ve probably cut that in half, but I’m still writing three or four songs a week.

“I can be a little crazy in the writing room sometimes. I can see a song from A to Z.
“Most people in the songwriting world, they have an idea, they need to know what it’s about from start to finish. I can just hear a melody sometimes and just start singing and turn it into a song.

“On ‘Right Where I Be’, I saw the whole song after that opening line.”

After writing many songs before he was signed, he noticed some of the things that get all writers stuck sometimes.
“Everyone, including myself, has the tendency to overanalyse what you’re trying to do,” Drew said. “You’re trying to get somebody who’s not a songwriter to listen to it and feel the same way you do when you’re writing it, and that’s hard sometimes.”

Drew thinks his twin passions of country and R&B allow him to approach songs with whatever they need, whether it’s a guitar twang or an 808 beat. He also has a surprising love of Britain’s own Craig David. “I don’t know how I found him, but I was probably 8th or 9th grade,” Drew said. “I got his album ‘Born To Do It’ and I was obsessed with it. It’s one of my most-listened to albums as a kid. I love the way he tells stories, he’s an incredible singer and a phenomenal artist.”

While it could take a while because of the global situation, he has ambitions to make it to the UK. Drew said: “I’m holding out on all these trips to go and play shows in the first time going places.”

It’s quite a shift for the former bank employee stepping into the spotlight. Even if the artist trail has taken away from his passion for golf, mentioned in his song ‘Little More Be Alright’. “I used to play a lot in college,” Drew said. “I haven’t played in a while, I’ve been pretty busy.”

It’s a trade-off he accepts while starting the artist career.

“I’ve dreamed about this forever,” Drew said. “I wish it didn’t happen during Covid, but I’m really blessed to have this opportunity and I have a really good team.”

And his big ambition? “I just hope I have a lot of songs to put out for a long time. I hope I never lose that fire to keep writing songs. I hope people everywhere, over there, over here, enjoying listening to it.”

You can watch the official video for ‘Right Where I Be’ here:

Photo credit: Ford Fairchild