Recently Music News was introduced to talented singer/songwriter Raquel Aurilia. We were truly impressed by her beautiful vocals and songwriting. We decided to find out more and get to know the artist behind the microphone!

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

I have always wanted to be a singer, I just never knew how to get started so it took me a while to get things going! I was introduced to a producer named Tony Papa in L.A. from a mutual friend. He sent me a demo so I went in his studio and sang it, and before you know it we were recording a whole album together!

What was the first accomplishment you achieved where you realized that being a successful independent musician was possible?

My first big gig opening for B.B. King really gave me the hope that I needed to pursue a career in music. It was so amazing to have this opportunity and I knew that if this could happen, then anything is possible! So it definitely both motivated and inspired me. He was so gracious and nice to me and my band after the gig. He was truly one of a kind!

What has been your favorite moment over the span of your career?

My most favorite moment or moments in this case, was when I went on tour opening for John Waite. This was such an amazing experience and so much fun. I learned a lot from watching him perform and seeing his work ethics. Getting to hear him perform after my set was the coolest. And it helped me start to build a fanbase too. I met so many of his fans who are so loyal and awesome! I keep in touch with a few of them even today!

How have you been going about music during Covid-19?

I have been recording from home as much as possible. The first thing I did was buy an awesome mic & headphones to use to record vocals. I had to get creative and learn how to use Garageband and Pro Tools. I have also done a few side by side videos with my guitar player Damian Martin who lives in Nashville, TN & he edits the video and produces the music for me. It’s not too glamorous recording from my Bedroom Closet :) lol

I have also gotten involved with doing a few charity events with Bervann Capital and have performed on-line for their different events. It’s so important in times like these especially, to give back and try and make a difference if you can. I have really enjoyed being a part of such great events!

What's next on the horizon?

I plan to continue to collaborate and write as much as I possibly can while things are still closed etc. I am also planning on releasing an EP soon meanwhile and hope I can get back to performing live soon when things start to open again.

One artist (dead or alive) who you wish you could open for on tour or do a duet with?

There are so many artists I would name! If I had to pick just one, I would want to open for Pink. I think she is such an awesome artist who I really admire on and off the stage. She is talented, strong, outspoken and fierce! And I think it would be a lot of fun!!

To all the new fans who are reading this, how can they continue to follow you?

My music is available pretty much everywhere online. Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music etc. and they can follow me on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook all under my full name, Raquel Aurilia :)