Sugarcane offer up a sunny love affair on latest single ‘Clear Blue Sky’.

It’s safe to say that certain tracks exude the warmth and carefree breeziness of the summer. They may come in all different sounds and styles, but they nevertheless have a vibe about them.
‘Clear Blue Sky’ is one such song.

From the bouncy fluff of the steel drums, to the gentle cheer of the accordion, the listener’s cares are quickly cast aside. A cadre of acoustic instruments come together to create a jovial breezy experience.

It will doubtless conjure up images of whiling away the hours on a hot tropical beach. Although for most of us the back garden will have to do. With Dionne Warwick flavoured vocals. Antonia Thomas tells of a storyteller dazzled by her love. Swept away by the romance, the singer is desperate to “steal you away”.

In one lovestruck moment Thomas gushes:
“on the rare occasion that I see you smile I go blind, like staring at the sun with my naked eye, not advised…”.

Fans may remember Thomas’ previous collaboration with Sugarcane on their first track ‘One Specific Thing’.

Reprising her role once more on ‘Clear Blue Sky’, the singer and actress’ performance meshes well with the soft summer carefree vibe. It’s an angst free three-minute meander through the audio equivalent of a hot summer’s day.

Overall, the sweet vocal combines with the sumptuous acoustic backing to make for a soothing listen.

Picture credit: Sian Herbert