Limahl is back with a new single and new image. He releases his first solo music in 8 years entitled ‘Still In Love’ on 5th June via Christopher Music/Tunecore. The track is co-written & co-produced by Limahl with German composer Miro Markus. The single celebrates Limahl’s 40 years in the music business. He started out in 1980 in a production of Godspell.

The single comes off the back of his recent US success which saw Limahl re-enter the mass consciousness when his music was highlighted by three major US television shows. The worldwide No 1 with Kajagoogoo ’Too Shy’was in the Netflix standalone, interactive ‘Black Mirror’ episode Bandersnatch and also in AMC’s hit anthology American Horror Story: 1984, while his No 1 solo hit ‘Neverending Story’played a pivotal role in the 3rd season of Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’. Spotify monthly streams of the song went up from 300,000 to 1.5m.

Music News wanted to find out more...

‘Still In Love’ is your first single in eight years, what is it about?
It’s about the one thing money can’t buy ha ha, LOVE. In this case, our chap is badly hurting from matters of the heart. But hey we’ve all been there at some point haven’t we, it’s part of life’s rich tapestry. I wasn’t in this head space when writing the song, on the contrary, have been in a great relationship for 26 years with my lovely partner Steve (now my civil partner).

Why the long break?
Have just been concentrating and enjoying the live work. In early 2016 I toured Japan then later same year toured Australia with Katrina (of The Waves), Berlin (Top Gun movie theme ‘You Take My Breath Away’), Men Without Hats (‘Safety Dance) and Martika (’Toy Soldiers’). In 2018 I toured the US with ABC and Belinda Carlisle. In 2019 the telephone got hot lol when my two big hits ‘Too Shy’ & ‘Neverending Story’ were used in three massive American TV shows woohoo 💪👍😎

Can we expect a new album too?
It depends how the first couple of singles go, I’m up for it if the public are, so let’s see. An EP is deffo doable. If I’m out and about, I still write down ideas if something comes into my head (on a smartphone now as opposed to a pen & paper lol). There’s still a thrill in taking an idea that just springs into your head along the journey to completed song/track. Watch this space is all I’m saying ;-)

Would that be in a similar style?
I like so many music styles and have such varied taste so don’t think I’d wanna limit myself. Good music can be any genre. If the essence of the song is interesting then that inspires the production, instruments, vocals, lyrics. Style too depends on who you work with. Each songwriter/producer brings something new to the table, that’s the bonus of collaborating. Besides, it’s nice to have someone to banter with in the tea breaks ;-)

40 years in the business, does it seem that long ago?
Yes and no lol. In one sense it just seems like yesterday then another day it’ll feel like a lifetime ago. The old adage is certainly true though, I’d love to go back 40 years BUT know what I know now. Wouldn’t we all lol ? I’m frequently asked about the past for obvious reasons so it never feels that far away. It’s not all been champagne and roses but all in all, I don’t think I can complain. I had a fab time working in theatre before Kajagoogoo (‘Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ & ‘Godspell’) then the Kajagoogoo trip was intense, epic and loadsa fun. I still feel young inside and believe it's all about where you are mentally. I think musicians tend to be bohemian and free spirits, oh and they also like free spirits ha ha 🍺

When Black Mirror, American Horror Story: 1984, and Stranger Things use your material do you get a heads up or is it a surprise?
A total surprise actually. A bolt outta the blue but an extremely good one. As musicians/songwriters you can’t plan for this - it’s a combo of serendipity and lady luck. My mother says she prays for me but I don’t believe in god. Aah bless her (see what I did there lol). The copyright owners of the master recording and music publishing (in this case Sony-ATV Music & Warner Music) have departments that specialise in synchronisation, ie placing/selling their catalogue to companies all over the world who might wanna use/synchronise music for movies, tv shows, tv commercials, etc. First I heard about ‘American Horror Story’ (Episode ‘1984’ Season 9) was my 22 year old nephew Josh sent me a WhatsApp, videoing himself watching the scene where a guy playing Limahl is bumped off by one of the supernaturals while ‘Too Shy’ played in the background. As the music gets more tense and it’s hinting at my doom, my nephew is in stitches of laughter saying “omfg uncle C (he calls me Uncle C), they’re gonna f*cking kill you, I don’t believe it, ha ha”. His reaction added extra energy, kinda like watching the GoggleBox reactions - I posted it on social media and it got great reactions.

Are you a fan of those shows?
I don’t know the shows yet but deffo plan to watch em. I hear good things about ‘Stranger Things’. I love TV & Movies of course. I tinkered with acting when I was 18/19/20. Actually For the last three years I’ve been studying acting again and was cast in my first play on the London fringe last October called ‘Earthquakes In London’ at The Oval House Theatre - it was about climate change. I now have such respect for actors. They make it look easy but it really isn’t. There’s tons of prep work involved. I’m very interested in the psychology of characters and story telling aspect - I hope to do more acting.

When you look back on your years with Kajagoogoo has time healed those rifts or is there still bitterness there?
I have mostly the fondest memories of my time with Kajagoogoo. That was such a small part of my life anyway, we only made one album together. I lived with the bass player Nick and his girlfriend Sue in their Leighton Buzzard flat where we wrote ‘Too Shy’. Together we achieved so many early dreams - no’1 in the charts (all over the world), appearing on TOTP, a sell out concert tour, gold & platinum award discs - what’s not to like lol. Yes I was angry at the time but I’m soooooo over it. Crikey, life would be pretty sad to allow bitterness to dominate for so long. I expect they’ve regretted that decision much more than me anyway - to throw everything away like that after working so diligently for it. Look, no one of a certain age doesn’t have a few regrets, it’s another part of life’s journey. I wish them all well. We had some fun times and created some great music. I wouldn’t even rule out another reunion or working together again creatively.

Are you looking forward to getting back to playing live whenever that will be possible?
Absofrigginlutely !! AND all the rest - gigs, theatre, bars, restaurants, cinema, trips abroad. Can u believe we’re having all this great weather (sunniest April & May on record apparently) and all outdoor festivals/events off !! I even managed to get Wimbledon tickets for Court No’1 this year (in the public ballot) and that’s off too. But the email says we’ll be offered the same seats next year woohoo 🌞

Thanks for your time anything else to say to Music News readers?
Be safe, stay positive, keep smiling. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today, coz if you like it today, you can do it again tomorrow 🤓

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