Luca Wilding opens his account with the sumptuous single ‘Heartachers’.

Without a doubt making your debut must be a tricky proposition indeed. An artist not only has to prove their vocal and musical prowess, but they also face the challenge of having to catch the ear uniquely in the crowded musical space.

Making the way up the ladder is often easier said than done, after all there is plenty talented singers who never quite manage that big break. It is in this climate that Wilding has managed to burst onto the scene with the compelling effort ‘Heartachers’.

The five-minute track is edged with a grief and melancholy. Gentle guitar waxes over the single, somehow soothing and peaceful without taking away from the song’s emotional heartbeat.

If the listener hears nostalgic shades of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah then Wilding would surely be flattered. Promotion for the song happily cites the artist’s love for the Canadian.

The lyricism captures the ear for the five-minute spell as the storyteller lays out his fraught story. Notes for the song reveal that it was originally penned about a friend’s “mental illness” and the singer does a good job of conveying a sense of helplessness at points.
The Brit captures the ear nicely as his vocals sweetly flow through the tune.

Overall, ‘Heartachers’ is an excellent all-around debut. Definitely worthy of being placed on anyone’s playlist