Any new release by The Godfathers demands to be played loud and with plenty of space for pogoing – this double ‘A’ side single is no different.

The current line up of the band is Peter Coyne of vocals & guitar (with the band for all its 35 years), guitarist Richie Simpson & drummer Billy Duncanson (both previously in Heavy Drapes & Baby’s Got A Gun), bass player Jon Priestley from iconic punk band The Damned & guitarist Wayne Vermaak and they make a mighty, mighty noise together.

Their pigeon-hole is ‘Alternative Rock’ but that doesn’t truly set out the primal power and attitude of the band. Peter Coyne’s vocals are as authoritarian as ever and the bottom line exultant brio of the rest of the band gives their music a chilling edge.

‘I’m Not Your Slave’ has echoes of Iggy Pop and the pop aggression of Paul Revere & The Raiders while ‘Wild & Free’ has an air of malevolent threat that only comes from a voice as experienced and forthright as Coyne’s.

It all hearkens back to the best days of punk but with 21st century production quality. Leave plenty of room for dancing.