This album should come with a public health warning!
For those who are old enough to have heard Classic Rock the first time through, this will trigger so many good memories that they will be bouncing off the walls -I see a rush to A&E with dislocated hips and ‘headbangers neck’.

I’ve been enjoying Bad Touch for a couple of years, watching them grow from a hairy & lairy rabble into a solid, tight and powerful rock band in the classic manner.
They ain’t any kind of retro copyists, this is genuine rock and roll and it could have been made at anytime during the classic era of the 70’s or 80’s.

Stevie Westwood is a superb vocalist, really carrying the power and bellowing out his lines with ease but he can do more than just shout – ‘Can You Save Me’ has him singing with real passion.
Rob Glendinning and ‘Seeks’ Seeking are a great twin lead on guitars and the heartbeat from Micheal Bailey & George Drewry holds everything tight as a drumskin.

There is a great sense of purpose about their music and they have really developed as a unit but the production by Nick Brine has really pulled the sound together and adding Bob Fridzema (ex King King and many others) on keys adds massively on the title track.
There are a lot of bands ploughing their furrows in the NWOCR field but the ones who hit the spot most solidly and with greatest impact are Bad Touch.

This one is essential

Kiss the Sky is released by Marshall Records on Friday June 19th and can be pre-ordered from