The FMs, a New YorkCity based glam/rock faction has just released their new song "Silent City" on TRAX Records. The song refers to a pandemic that's hit New York hard....sound familiar? According to visionary Matte Namer and the band's frontman, "Silent City" was written last April 2019. Crazy coincidence of how the universe works.

The song is accompanied by a bleak video arousing powerful and moving emotions. It's like being part of a ravishing science fiction film starring the empty shell of a once over-crowded metropolis. Now it's left empty and barren as people hide in their apartments in fear of the virus. Again...sound familiar?

From the words of Matte Namer: "Frankie Rex and I were born in New York City, and spent our entire lives there. It's both exciting, strange and humbling to be releasing this song and video right now in the midst of a really tragic time for the city. The city has given us so much, and this is our love letter back to it." Both Frankie and Matte harmoniously take on this song, while the virus takes on the city.

The two met in high school and formed the band as an androgynous gender experiment. Their style and songs (not to mention their fashion) is unapologetic, and revolutionary. They are advocates for the 2020's. They wish to save the world without being dicks about it.

The song has a message, a purpose and now a history as this period on our planet will be a prelude into the new norm. It's anthemic flavor will be long remembered. Rock n'roll history has been made!