British singer-songwriter Roo Panes returns for the first time in this new decade with the release of the ‘Pacific’ EP. Having released 3 albums (Little Giant, Paperweights and Quiet Man) since arriving on the singer-songwriter scene back in 2014, Roo has amassed a dizzying amount of streams, with his delicate folk-tinged sounds becoming a staple of playlisters around the world.

Excitingly on ‘Pacific’ we find him in the mood to experiment. While the title track offers the kind of folk-tinged sounds that his existing fans will instantly recognise, the other 4 tracks here deliver something fresh and exciting. The most extreme of these is ‘Colour In Your Heart’. It still delivers that emotional punch, but comes wrapped in and amongst atmospheric production, minimal electronic beats and, for what must be the first time for Roo, a lack of guitars. It’s refreshing to hear. Still 100% Roo Panes, just not as we’ve heard him before.

And this experimenting with the formula continues elsewhere. The 3 remaining tracks are all filled with a mixture of woozy horns, sweeping string and seriously cinematic production, making the ‘Pacific’ EP feel like a glimpse at an exciting new decade ahead for Roo Panes.


1. Listen to The One Who Loves You
2. Pacific
3. Colour In Your Heart
4. The Sun Will Rise Over The Year
5. There's A Place