Buckingham Palace lay down the red carpet, as the iconic setting for the BBC VE Day 75 Live The People’s celebrations. Tears flowed, emotions ran high, as Sir Tom Jones, Joanna Lumley and David Dimbleby engaged with the WW2 ‘golden’ veterans and wrens.

Tales of camaraderie, loyalty, strength, honour and a musical celebratory evening filled the screen. Anton Du Beke was the leading master of ceremonies, accompanied by musicians from the military. The line-up also includes contributions from Katherine Jenkins, Adrian Lester, Shane Richie, Emma Barton, Beverley Knight, Helen George and Sharon D Clarke.

Sharon D Clarke, whose more recent credits include Caroline, Death of a Salesman and Blues in the Night, performed a powerful rendition of Etta James' "At Last" with the socially distanced military orchestra. Harmonies resonated over the forecourts of the palace, as her stylish performance smoothly rang out.

Beverley Knight, referenced the moment London's blackout was brought to an end by the victory, by performing a rendition of Vera Lynn's “When The Lights Go On Again”. A vocally strong and poignant performance was offered by Knight.

Classical songstress, Katherine Jenkins used her incredible Mezzo Soprano operatic vocals to deliver “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” with a serene palace stage.

Jenkins later took to the stage at The Royal Albert Hall gave an outstanding performance of a virtual duet with footage of a young Dame Vera Lynn, as the nation joined in the song which has become something of a rallying cry during the nation’s lockdown.

NHS staff, pharmacists, firefighters, veterans and transport workers from across the UK all sang along with Katherine Jenkins' nation-wide rendition of the wartime anthem. Celebrity singers joined in the unity of the nation's unique sing-a-long, including, Dame Joan Collins, Elaine Paige and Bazil Meade who all lent their voices to the cause.

A one-off musical event where unity rang out, memories relived with lessons of strength and courage, which will hopefully resonate to guide the nation through…..