The true spirit of Punk music in the seventies was in the ‘do it yerself’ attitude to making the music, the package, the bookings – the whole package.
Percy are form York and in their music and their attitude they are as close as it gets to that true spirit and ‘Seaside Donkeys’ is one hell of an album.

As one who lived through the original Punk wars I can recognize a lot of the different bands that made that such a vibrant time in Percy’s music and they carry it off with class whether it is in Johnny Rotten’s sneer, Howard Devoto’s otherworldliness or Rat Scabies thumping drumbeats – there are even elements of Frank Zappa and Capt Beefheart in there!
They write real songs with memorable melodies and, most important, lyrics that matter.

Percy kicked off in ’96 in York and, although they have had changes in membership, these days they are Colin Howard (Guitars and lead vocals) and Andy Wiles (Bass) representing the original lineup and Paula Duck on Synths and Jason Wilson on Drums who have been with the band since 2017.

A few numbers here are as good as anything I’ve heard in a good while, especially ‘Rubbernecking In The UK’ which somehow combines the Pistols and Magazine in a ditty about a car crash on the M18, ‘A Love Song’ which has complex rhythms and a dense feel and tone and the title track, all wistful and pleading – beautiful and chilling both.

In common with many Punk outfits they are hard-edged and often discordant, there is very little room to worry about making the music ‘pretty’ but the music rings out anyway – talent will show itself whatever.

Overall, one of the best listens I’ve had for a while, challenging and tricky to review but I can see me listening to this a lot over the coming months.