A hell of a lot of music passes through my ears on a regular basis and most of it is easily discarded as being unoriginal or lacking in some inner self-belief. So coming across Deltaphonic was a real refreshing and exciting change.

At the heart of their music is funk: deep and fluid, soulful and raunchy and thoroughly butt-wigglingly funky. Add to that layers of New Orleans groove, soul, Mississippi Hill Country Blues and even rock and you get Deltaphonic.

This is their third album but the last two just didn’t have the resonance and the sheer brass-necked confidence that this does.
They are a three piece, led by Andrew T. Weekes on guitar and vocals (he also acts as main songwriter), Paul Provosty (formerly of Earphunk) on lead guitar, and alternating drummers Trenton O’Neal and Ciaran Brennan. The album also features members of some of the most notable acts in the New Orleans scene today, including backup singer Josh Kagler (The Revivalists), bassist Jerry “Jblakk” Henderson (Big Sam’s Funky Nation), and keys player Andriu Yanovski (BOOGIE T.RIO, Cha Wa).

I can honestly say that, while they have touches of many other bands in their sound, there is no-one who combines all the elements like they do and I found myself listening to the album through time and again just to enjoy the music that was pouring out of my speakers.
There isn’t any wasted space on the album, every track hits the mark and whether it is the soulful groove of ‘Starlit’ or the deeper funk of ‘Liars’ or the wistful jazz of ‘Denounment’, the music has some great touch and feel.

Bloody fine listen!.