Well, if you decided to check out this review because the song title made you curious, then you'll be pleased to hear you've stumbled upon the latest torch-bearer for Great Liverpudlian Music. That said, she's too good for Merseyside music lovers to keep just for themselves.

It's been roughly a year since Aimée Steven released her debut track 'My Name', and since then she's been perfecting her blend of acerbic, witty lyrics wrapped up in the kind of effervescent indie-pop tunes that take root in your mind without you even realising.

'Hell Is A Teenage Girl' is arguably her best effort to date; imagine a cross between classic 60's Merseybeat melodies (particularly on the chorus) and the raw edge of early 90s PJ Harvey, with gloriously fuzzed-up guitars in abundance.

This is Stevens' first release on a new label, and whether it's the first taste of an album or just the latest in her drip-feed of new tracks, we'll be waiting eagerly for what lies ahead.