Hey Blanks! Thank you for taking the time out to cosy up in your favourite sweater and answer these questions…

Headlining VidCon is such an amazing achievement! What was your highlight?

Thank you! It really felt like a full circle moment for me. Before I started doing YouTube, I used to watch all the British vloggers and see how they would visit Vidcon and how much fun it was. Since that moment I have dreamt of being able to go there, so headlining Vidcon this year was amazing.

You’ve already mentioned your dream collaboration would be Post Malone - but if you could pick any musician alive or dead, would you answer change?

I love Posty and he seems like such a good dude, but if I could pick ANY musician I would say the McCartney/Lennon combination. They wrote so many great songs in such a short time, I would love to experience their process.

You’re playing at The Great Escape this summer, as well as some headline shows of your own! Seems like it’s all systems a-go for this year, how are you feeling about it?

This year is INSANE, there is just no other word to describe it. It’s crazy to have people all over the world come see me and sing along to songs I wrote in my studio at home. And to be honest: I don’t think I’ve actually realized yet how crazy this is year has been / is going to be haha!

And finally, please describe the essential qualities of your perfect sweater.

Great question! I’d say it has to be a little oversized, to enhance cosiness. It needs to be a hoodie, so you can snuggle up in it, and it needs to be soft. This way, you can snuggle up in it and watch your favorite netflix show as comfortable as it gets.