Twisted ire-starters Sheafs offer a prescient and timely treatise on world affairs. Concerned about overpopulation? Fretting about the planet coming away at the seams? Unsure about the alleged existence and actual worth of an omnipotent deity? Querying just ‘who’ that person is in the reflected image? Perturbed by ‘what’ you actually purchase when you’re out product-grazing?

Fear not, these five songs are here to allay your worries and reassure you that seeing through the perception-prisons instilled from conception is the only true path to enlightenment. Five glam-punk-rock-noise-serenade-grenades. Kapow-er to the people!

The platform-building ‘Thinking out loud’ is the outcry of expression, the capacity to opine and whine without fear of societal cancellation, peer-group ostracisation and group banishment. Set to a parallel universe echo-grind of Generation X’s ‘’Dancing with myself’ (which appears to be the go-to template right now) head-voxer Lawrence Feenstra wonders that with 'a close to 8 billion people and even now we still can’t seem to get it right’ in more important matters he ponders ‘if my laundry has dried’. Questioning first world problems seemingly the only liberty left.

‘World is falling apart’ is an ap-rock-alyptic address to the cast-offs of society, the left behind, the never-thought of. In a broken world, the broken are at home. ’And that’s ok’.

Deploying air-brushed strokes on ‘Total Vanity’, the group peel to reveal the cosmetic concealers that the snap-up-load-down hordes fail to see. A blitz-out unmasking of the façade of the refracted self-image.

The relentless treadmill of ‘Shopping’ renders us caught between things we need and things we ‘think’ we ought to have ‘tea bags … mouthwash … self-esteem’. You decide which is which. Mine’s a white no sugar.

The devil-may-care ‘Care Less’ is a breathless engage against the machine, when you can’t win on the social scales, where you’re ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’. So why bother?

This album could/should be subtitled ‘How I learned to stop hurrying and love the calm’.

Speak your mind and the best will follow.