The first release by an artist is often imbued with a sense of excitement and wonder, often showing the beginnings of real talent, but not normally showing the maturity that Mr Rabin does here.
In some respects, this reminds me of Lenny Kravitz first album, not so much in the music – although there are some hints – but in his approach and sheer energy. It really is very good.

Felix plays guitar with a lot of effects (especially the Pog), creating a whirlwind of fuzzed lines and some terrific riffing but his vocal is much softer, almost at a teenage pitch – the two working alongside each other create a fascinating sound.

He can play soft and clean as well and ‘Death’ is my favourite track on the EP – the muted trumpet in the back is really chilling – for the purity of his playing and his heartfelt vocal. The closing solo is awesome and really shows he has soul and skill combined.

Elsewhere he shows real brio and swagger on ‘Walk’ and a terrific sense of relaxed playing on ‘Moving On’. The solo on 'Angels' is exquisite.

I saw him play last week as support to Samantha Fish and the capacity crowd really took to him. This EP suggests he has a really strong career ahead of him both live and on record.