Bon Jovi gears up for their new album with leadoff single ‘Limitless’.

After the strong showing of 2016’s This House Is Not for Sale the band looks to be on a strong creative path.

The previous effort, dealt with integrity, aging gracefully, rebuking a former record label, and arguably hinting at the exit of long-time member Richie Sambora.

The 14th LP impressed with its catchy hooks and melodies, it’s heartfelt moments, and most of all the passion that evidently went into the project.

Titled Bon Jovi 2020 the latest record will likely delve into the political scene for inspiration. The American presidential elections will soon be upon us and it’s safe to say President Trump isn’t the most popular fellow.

Having campaigned for the likes of Hillary Clinton, Jon Bon Jovi hasn’t been shy about voicing his support for the Democratic Party.

Opening single ‘Limitless’ holds off on the overt political anger and instead strives for a more typical anthem about, surviving the daily grind, rising above it, and taking chances.

The front man belts out:

“On a night like this
one prayer, one wish
step out off the edge
it's worth the risk
life is limitless, limitless
limitless, limitless”.

With the likes of Livin’ on a Prayer, Wanted Dead or Alive, and You Give Love a Bad Name in the catalog the New Jersey rockers have proven more than capable of creating irresistible ear worms. Even when the creative flame isn’t fully stoked, the musicians can usually craft a solidly catchy track. Less It’s My Life and more We Weren’t Born to Follow.

‘Limitless’ is an entertaining listen in the latter category. The lyrics are accessible, and the melody is enjoyable. The track is certainly worthy of bopping along to but doesn’t manage to hit the heights of the truly anthemic.

The song’s hook doesn’t hold the punch of impactful predecessors, It’s My Life, Have a Nice Day, and more recently knockout. The Bon Jovi vocals do their best, but there isn’t the determination, the fire, or the rebellious power, that separates the respectable from the truly memorable.
The over 30-year veterans have successfully developed a recognizable modern formula. The single feels comfortably familiar to the Jovi songs you’ve heard before, even if the source of similarity isn’t immediately obvious. Thematically, the song takes on a well-tested subject by musicians of all stripes without sounding truly distinct.

This is by no means a bad way to open up a new cycle, but Bon Jovi is yet to find the top gear that made This House Is Not for Sale such a compelling experience.