Imagine a silk scarf sliding down a silk stockinged leg and you have some idea of Callaghan’s voice. 'Acoustic Coffee House 2' is a silky mellow smooth cup of sound bathing the airwaves in beautiful vibrations. In 2015 Callaghan’s second studio album, A 'History of Now' was recorded in Nashville and released in the UK. Since then her UK profile and touring have gone from strength to strength with BBC Radio 2 live sessions for BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris and BBC London’s Gaby Roslin as well as at local BBC stations across the UK. Lincolnshire-born singer-songwriter Callaghan began writing music at the age of 14. and her latest release allows her to showcase her talents with a mixture of original recordings and fabulous versions of familiar tracks. There is a stunning duet of 'Love Hurts' which Callaghan recorded with Atlanta artist and Grammy-nominee Shawn Mullins and their combined voices on this version reminds me the same spiritual connection between the country-influenced singer Kd Lang when she duetted with the legendary Roy Orbison.

Callaghan’s sings true and clear. Her voice has intimate confidence with expansive theatrical vocals that create an emotional connection with the listener. To connect with the audience so strongly and with such minimalism using only your voice takes a very special skill indeed. Her distinctive vocals and the austere production on this album effortlessly demonstrates her vocal skill. There are four live tracks from a show at Georgia’s Red Clay Music Foundry which includes a cover of Coldplay’s 'UFO'.

Callaghan skill is to make this cover from a well established and much-loved band such as Coldplay truly her own with her glossy vocals that embrace the track and spin it into a whole new silvery sweet-sounding web. The stand out cover track on this album is 'Fire and Rain.' Callaghan was inspired to record her version of this entrancing James Taylor’s track after meeting the star when they both performed at the British Summer Time Festival in London’s Hyde Park in summer 2018. Other tracks include Callaghan’s original songs 'I Was Made For You' (A straight-up honest love song inspired by country music) and Before 'The Time Runs Out' (A breathy ballad that sparkles with vibrancy)

'Callaghan’s Acoustic Coffee House 2' is a gorgeous acoustic treat for the ears that recaptures the live music experience to great effect.