This one goes out to the indie fans. New York based band Tuff Sunshine have, with their new album ‘Dig Deeper, Peanut’, released an indie tour-du-force. Combining elements of modern indie and indie-pop, waves of classic soul, and harder hitting moments of post-punk, it’s an album that keeps you guessing with each passing track.

While ‘Move A Mountain’ delivers a hip-shaking groove, recent single ‘Two Kids In The City’ slows things down with an R&B swing and doo-wop backing vocals. 'Sister/Fader’ lands with more than a hint of alt-legends Hot Water Music, and ‘Sleepwalking’, with its subtle waves of organ, delivers a laid back, sunday-morning sound.

And it’s this variety that makes ‘Dig Deeper, Peanut’ stand out from the crowd. You’d be hard-pushed to pigeonhole Tuff Sunshine. Heck, they describe themselves as an 'indie/rock/acoustic/garage/non-genre-restricted musical vehicle’ in their own press release. They sounds like a band having a blast. The kind of band you’d like to share a whiskey or 2 with. A band deserving of a break and of a whole lot of people discovering this wonderful record.

A soulful, soul-filled album like none other released in 2019.