Kevin Lake puts the pop playbook to good use on new single ‘Way Too Hard’.

Press notes for the Swedish singer proclaim that he has “close to one million streams on Spotify” to his credit. Listening to ‘Way Too Hard’ it’s easy to see why Lake has attracted the attention.

From the clean and soft lovesick crooning, to mainstream radio’s favourite heartbreak storyline, the track feels like something straight out of the modern pop mold.

Devastated that his relationship has come to an end, the storyteller desperately Pines for something that cannot be.

The duo of Lake and featured artist Sascha team up well vocally and make the offering a pleasant experience.

Despite the melancholic lyrics, the backing track serves to keep the listener’s endorphins flowing. The song slowly tingles and ticks along, as artificial instruments squeak and chirp.

With the whale-esque sound from the start, it’s clear producers have strove for and succeeded in creating a chilled vibe. The audience is kept alert though as the tune gradually builds in intensity and urgency.

The eventual drum led apex isn’t exactly a rockin’ roller coaster, but it does neatly serve to keep the audience’s attention.

Overall, ‘Way Too Hard’ is an enjoyable pop ditty. While Lake and Sascha play their roles well, they are backed by strong production techniques.