This has been in the works for some time and now, to finally get my hands on it, the reality is pretty much all I could have hoped for.

The band describe themselves as Prog/Fusion, bridging the gap between Prog Rock, Jazz and fusion, and it certainly does sound very different to most of the other Prog bands on the scene today.
The Jazz influences are strong, the rock edge – especially in the hands of guitarist Dave Mola (Effloresce) – is clear (although it has to be said that Mola is capable of an Al Di Meola standard of Jazz guitar) and Gunter W. Schmuck has a long history playing Jazz keyboards. Michael Schetter (ex-Relocator) on bass and Paul Ettl on drums make a fluid and effortlessly free flowing rhythm section.

One remarkable element to the album is in the interplay between the band members. At times it feels like a series of jam sessions, so intuitive the four parts combine, but in fact every track is composed and scored to the highest standard.
I particularly like the way that they are able to move from form to form, expanding the themes and building music that catches the ear differently every time I listened to it.

The music switches between the furious ‘Cold Case’ to the Arabesque and subtle ‘Damascus Dance’ but each track builds, ebbs and flows so that you cannot ever point to a track and say it is described by a particular passage.

My personal favourite track would probably be ‘Pompei’ – every element of the bands music contained in a 5 minute number.

This is music of the very highest order, no matter what the supposed genre it sits in.