The world of modern Prog has been vibrant of recent years with the likes of Fish On Friday, Patchwork Cacophony, Karnataka, Relocator and a dozen others making some superb music, full of complexity but utterly listenable as well.
I have to admit that I hadn’t come across Drifting Sun until this release but I am very glad to have done – ‘Planet Junkie’ is superb.

The band comprise four musicians - Mathieu Spaeter on guitars, Pat Sanders on keys, Manu Michael on bass and Will Jones on drums as well as guest vocals from the likes of Marc Atkinson (Riversea), Colin Mold (Karnataka) & Joshua Corum (Head With Wings) and added geust spots from Sarah Skinner (Red Dirt Skinners) on sax and Ben Bell (Patchwork Cacophony) on Hammond.

Musically, they cross a lot of boundaries with influences from some of the Progressive greats combining to make a beautifully envisioned collection of songs.

The album kicks off with ‘Within Your Bones’ – a dark synth lead and Marc Atkinson’s quiet vocals exploding into a powerful and rhythmic (very eighties) styled band number. Sarah Skinner’s sax creating a sense of loneliness among the rest. Spaeter’s guitar work is delightful.

It’s a fine place to start and only get’s better with the massive attack of the title track, howling synth work from Pat Sanders and machine-gun drumming from Jones propelling the song forward at pace.

The whole mood changes abruptly with ‘Life’, a piano observation which sets the mood for the hauntingly lovely ‘Night Time Sorrow’ featuring Colin Mold on vocals and more of Sanders’ delicate piano. The track has echoes of both Genesis & Yes but it has an expansive feel to it that is very much a modern sound.

The mood changes again with ‘I Will Be King’, funky, rhythmic and riff-laden. Brilliant Hammond from Ben Bell and Sarah Skinner’s sax filling the mix. Spaeter’s guitar has a Satriani feel to it and the track is one I found myself repeating just for the fun of trying to pick all the different paths if was following.

The one track that I have listened to over and over is ‘Diogenes’ a marvellous organ based power-piece that brings in all the band’s talents and set you up perfectly for the epic closer ‘Everlasting Creed’.

If you are a lover of modern Prog then this is definitely one of the best releases this year.
Something a little bit special.